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Department of International Relations


International Relations (IR) program prepares professionally-trained students for international organizations and foreign services who can address global challenges and policy issues with ethical and critical reasoning as diplomats, field research experts, program officers, consultants, and journalists.

Admission Requirements

All applicants must have completed or be expected to complete high school, secondary education, or an equivalent education prior to their enrollment. All applicants must give an entrance exam as part of the admission process.

The Entrance Exam consists of three sections: Grammar & Vocabulary, Essay.

70% Entrance Exam (20% Grammar / Essay 40% / Speaking 40%)

30% Statement of Purpose & Recommendation Letter


1st Year of the SISC Program: 

Students are introduced to foundational concepts of the International Relations (IR) field as well as gain general knowledge in politics, history, economic, and IR theories.

2nd Year of the Program SISC: 

In the second year, students are introduced to the basics of all concentrations that they will be able to choose from in their junior year. They will cover Introduction to Media and Communication, Development Studies, and will gain more knowledge on IR Theories and learn necessary research and analytical skills to succeed in the program. In addition, students have a variety of other elective courses related to all concentrations to choose from to in the first and second year of their studies. 

3rd & 4thYear of the IR major concentrations: 

In the third year of studies, students get to choose from the two concentrations that IR major offers – Diplomacy & Political Science and International Development. Depending on the choice of a student, relevant subjects will be offered as electives.

Contact us:

D building, Mongolia International University

Welcoming Message

Anastasiia Zharuk

– B.A Degree in International Business Management from Mongolia International University, Mongolia

– M.S Degree in International and Sustainable Development Policy from KDI School of Public Policy and Management, Korea

“Expanding Opportunities” “The IR department of MIU is happy to welcome you all into our big family! We provide students with opportunity to learn about the world from international experts that bring various background and experiences into the learning environment of the students. We encourage students to challenge themselves and aim to educate professionals that will shape the world of Politics and Global Cooperation!”


Senior student of IR department

 “In IR, we build a well educated and unified community as a family where everyone is encouraged to grow. Good education is important, and yet good manners are important too. Welcome to the IR department, we are delighted to welcome you and be a part of your journey to become tomorrow’s leaders.”

Diplomats, Governmental Service officers, International Organizational officers, NGO staff, Public Affairs Consultants, International Journalists, Researchers, etc.

Public Speaking, Research and Writing skills, Data Analysis skills, Sustainable and International Development Project skills, Diplomatic communication, Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Critical and Analytical Thinking, Foreign Language Proficiency, Foreign Policy Analysis etc.


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