Master in Public Administration


The goal of the education is to incubate and cultivate a student as a leader in public sector who will make a positive impact and change in Mongolia and also for the surrounding countries

Career Opportunities

Curriculum: 1st Semester Communication for Public Affairs Introduction to Public Affairs Research Methods and Inquiry Public Affairs 2nd Semester Public Policy and Strategy Economic Theory and Public Affairs Local Autonomy and Public Management 3rd Semester Economic Analysis for Public Affairs Special Topic of Public Affairs Organizational Dynamics and Leadership 4th Semester Supervised Independent Research Thesis

Program Learning Outcomes

Truman Graduate School of Public Affairs Mongolia International University and the Chungnam National University have partnered to provide a 1+1 graduate school program in public affairs. Through this program, students will have opportunities to study both in Mongolia and Korea, developing international knowledge of public administration. Graduate students of Public Affairs will spend their first two semesters at MIU acquiring foundational knowledge of public administration and policy decision-making. Then students will spend two semesters at the Chungnam University to pursue in-depth studies in public affairs. Through this program, MIU seeks to raise honest and competent government leaders who can impact Mongolia and the surrounding regions.

  • Option 1: 2 years at MIU in Mongolia 
  • Option 2: 1 year at MIU in Mongolia + 1 year at Chungnam National University in Korea
  •  Public Officer in Central & Local Government
  • Manager in NPO
  • Policy Analyst & Consultant
  • International Development Organizations (UNDP, World Bank, Asia Development Bank,)
  • Private Sector (Multinational Companies, Development Companies)


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