Department of Psychology


In response to social problems such as family violence, alcoholism, and suicide, the Psychology department strives to produce well-trained counselors specializing in Addiction, Marriage and Family Counseling, Domestic Violence Response and Prevention, as well as Trauma Counseling and Suicide Prevention.

Admission Requirements

Completed Admission Application Form

High school certificate Certificate of National Exam – Score: Above 510 – Social Science /Mongolian Language/ English 

MIU Entrance Exam Score Above 70% MIU Interview Score Above 70% 

Psychology Department Interview about 70% 

Copy of valid passport 

2 copies of photo 

Application fee ₮10,000


● Domestic Violence Counseling

● Marriage and Family Counseling

● School Psychology

● Trauma Counseling

● Abuse and Addiction Counseling

● Stress and Anger Management

● Personality Theory

● Abnormal Psychology

● Theory and Techniques of Counseling

● Child and Adolescent Psychology

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Mongolia International University

● The American Law curriculum enables students as qualified lawyers in the United States after graduation.)

● All classes are taught in 100% English

Why should students choose this major: Do you want to understand yourself? How to control your emotions and be motivated? Do you want to make healthy choices for your future? Do you want to help future generations have healthy families and relationships? Do you want to help people who have had a hard time in life?

 If you say “Yes!”, then the Psychology Department may be right for you!

● School Counselor

● NGO Counselor

● Company Counselor

● Community Counselor

● Hospital Counselor

● Human Resources in Company