MIU Social Responsibility


MIU CSR Center has been established in 2020 to enhance CSR activities in Mongolia. As the social problems are becoming more complicated, the importance of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is growing larger than ever.  There is a need to be able to capitalize on corporate resources to solve the social problems effectively. For this to happen the innovative partnerships between Government, NPO’s (Non Profit Organizations) and Corporations are essential. The role of the corporation in society is changing from that of a donor to one of being a principle agent in solving social problems.  Business is key in providing innovative solutions for today’s challenges. We hope to support corporations, government and NPO’s by researching global CSR best practices and through the enhancement of networking between stakeholders.  MIU’s CSR Center hopes to be a platform for innovative CSR activities in Mongolia. Let’s change the world together.

Director of CSR center

Mr. Do-young Kim has more than 20 years of experience in the Corporate Social Responsibility field at SK in Korea. He is a founder and a leader of Korea CSR Forum which has more than 600 team members of more than 170 Korean Corporations. The forum is conducted monthly as an open forum to enable Corporations, NPOs and Government to meet together and design new partnership models. He also serves as a board member of the Korean Association of the Nonprofit Organization Research, the Korean Association of NGO Studies and the Academy of Social Enterprise. Do-young Kim is a visiting professor of Yonsei University, Korean National Police University and delivers lectures on ‘Social Innovation and CSR.

Managing Staff

muhsin chang

Development Manager

Advisory Board

Hyun-Cheol Kim

President, National Youth Policy Institute

Sung-Hoon roh

Professor and Director of Leadership Center, Korean National Police University

Jong-Ick Lee (Johnny)

CEO, Korea Social Investment Foundation

Hyun-Ju Cho

Executive Director, Global Civic Sharing

Su-Jeen (Suzie) Jung

President, Korea Leisure Health Association

Seong-Woo Yoon

General Manager of Media Fundraising Team, MIRAL Welfare Foundation

Sun-Jeong Lim

Division Chair of External Cooperation Division, Korea Differently Abled Federation

Kang Cheol

Director, National Pension Service

Chae Uk

Team Leader of ESG Operation Team, KT

Yong-Dae Baek

Team Leader of CSR Team, LGU+ Inc.

Keol Jang

Senior Professional of Community Relations, Samsung Display

Jun-Kyu Yoo

Director, Love FNC Foundation

Tae-Kyung Noh (Steven)

Director, ATK Ventures

Si-Wan Lee


Chang-Hun Jeon

CSV Stratagy Sr. specialist, CJ ENM

Han-Deuk Yun

Deputy Head of ESG Team, CJ Logistics

jong hyun lee

Representative Director, South Korea, AVPN

Il Soon Yoon

LEAN coach, Vitesco Technologies

Joo Hoon Yoon

CEO, MediaBrain Inc.

Heeseon jeon

Secretary General, Volunteering Culture Korea

hyo jin kang

Design Team Leader, Dept. of Design Policy, Seoul Metropolitan Government

CSR Events

1. International Webinar Eurasia Initiative for Korean and Mongolian Youth

2. Executive Summary of International Webinar Eurasia Initiative for Korean and Mongolian Youth