Department of English Education (EE)


English Education Department seeks to train up effective and innovative English teachers across Mongolia and Central Asia with a high-quality education that guides students to service with honesty, integrity, humility and professionalism.

Admission Requirements

All applicants must have completed or be expected to complete high school, secondary education, or an equivalent education prior to their enrollment. All applicants must take an entrance exam as part of the admission process. 

The Entrance Exam consists of three sections: Essay, Grammar & Vocabulary.

Applicants of the English Education department must also take a skills test. The skills test consists of essay writing on a relevant topic. 

70% Entrance Exam (20% Grammar / Essay 40% / Speaking 40%) 

30% Statement of Purpose & Recommendation Letter


  • Language Lab
  • Extensive Reading
  • Seminar in Cultural Studies
  • Introduction to English Literature 
  • Introduction to English
  • Linguistics
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Principle of Education
  • Educational Psychology
  • English Translation Practice

Meet our Faculties

Dulguunsaran Amartuvshin

Lecturer, Department Chair

Yang Liu (sunny)

Senior Lecturer

eva lui

Senior Lecturer

Purevtsagaan Enkhjargal


Jonathan Sande


Meet our Alumni

Ichinkhorloo Sundui

English teacher at New Era International School

Dept. of English Education at MIU (2021)

One of the most important choices in life is a choosing a university. I chose the best one by coming to MIU! To be honest, before studying at MIU I was not thinking of being an English teacher. But the more my professors inspired me the more my heart was filled with passion and dream to become a teacher. My four years at MIU was a time of growth both professionally and personally in which I discovered an unknown strength of mine. Furthermore, I am always thankful to MIU professors who are not only teachers, but truly counselors in my view. Through them, I learned that being a teacher is like an eagle with two powerful wings. One is about teaching skills with great knowledge, and the other one is about caring for students with a real heart, which I might never have learned if I had not studied at MIU. So, with both wings the eagle can fly higher than any other. This is how MIU greatly influenced me and changed my perspective from my past understanding of being a teacher. I still remember the lessons my teachers taught me; and now I use them in my teaching as well. Also, whoever is reading this, don’t feel worried about your current language level because I am sure you are much better than me compared to my freshman year. But, now I actually teach English to many students… in English! Welcome to my university.


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