Department of Music Education (ME)


“The ME Department of New Media Music teaches techniques for producing music of various genres, including classical music, pop, jazz, and ballads. We are reorganizing the music education environment by providing a digital audio workstation (DAW) program. Computer music and practical training Through ensemble classes using musical instruments, you can create more human and emotional music in the AI era. Within this cutting-edge curriculum, participants utilize the capabilities of sophisticated digital audio systems to multi-track recording, overdubbing, and editing music of various genres. and explores the process of mastering.


  • Year 1 / Students are introduced to: 

Music Performance Study (Piano, Voice, Applied) 

Secondary Performance Study (Piano, Voice, Applied) 

  • Year 2 / Student develop skills in: 

Chorale Ensemble 

Music Theory and Literature 

Music History and Literature 

  • Year 3 / Students gain knowledge in: 

Performance Repertoire and Pedagogy 

Keyboard Musicianship 

Music Technology in Education 

  • Year 4 / Students move into: 

General Music Method 

Music Education Rehearsal Practicum

Meet our Faculties


Department Chair

Meet our Alumni

Tsatsral Saikhanbayar

Music teacher at Orchlon International School.

 I’ve loved music since I was a child. I started to study musical instruments when I was young. MIU has given me opportunity to get world-class music education. Besides the music knowledge and skills, ME department has taught me crucial life lessons. With my Music Education background, I have been able to pursue my career as a music teacher. I believe ME will keep making an impact on the young people who want to become great musicians and teachers.

  •  Music Director
  • Music Teacher
  • Music Producer
  • Music Performer
  • Professional Musician
  • Music Composer & Arranger
  • Social Media Music Content Creator


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