Department of Software Engineering (SE)


Software Engineering (SE) graduates are highly marketable. They know business and programming. Students enrolled in the SE program take courses from both the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Business Administration, two of MIU’s premier departments; both are accredited. SE degree is geared to students who:

-Want to learn the languages of business and technology.

-Want to manage information systems and ensure that computers work well for people.

-Want to go more deeply into computer programming and technology than the typical business student.


  1. Web Programming,
  2. Operating Systems,
  3. Database Design,
  4. Mobile Programming,
  5. Computer Networks and Security,
  6. Human Computer Interaction,
  7. Management of Information Systems,
  8. Principles of Economics,
  9. Organization Behavior Theory, 
  10. Management Accounting.

Meet our Faculties

Jung Ho Park

Assistant Professor

Dulguundusal T.


Steven Eisenbarth


Dulamsuren Sharkhuu

Assistant Professor


Associate Professor

MIn Young ra

Associate Professor

  • Network Technician,
  • IT Project Manager,
  • Technical Support Specialist,
  • Database Administrator,
  • Web Developer,
  • Help-desk Manager.
  • Blend of SE and Business. MIU is acclaimed nationally for its accredited Business and SE programs. SE majors take courses in Departments. 


  • Hands-on technical career. Apply what you learn as an SE professional. MIU is dedicated to help you find opportunities for meaningful technical work.


Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?