Department of Fashion Design (FD)


The Fashion Design (FD) department of MIU equips students with skills needed in the global fashion industry: fashion design, fashion business, social responsibility, communication, and leadership.

Admission Requirements

All applicants must have completed or be expected to complete high school, secondary education, or an equivalent education before their enrollment. All applicants must take an entrance exam as part of the admission process. 

The Entrance Exam consists of three sections: Essay, Grammar & Vocabulary. 

70% Entrance Exam (20% Grammar / Essay 40% / Vocabulary 40%) 

30% Statement of Purpose & Recommendation Letter


FD curriculum is structured based on four main fields of study: apparel design, project presentation, collection development, and fashion business. The curriculum of the FD Department includes holistic but essential areas of fashion studies to equip FD students with the vision and innovation to be a global leader in the apparel industry. 

  1. Apparel Design: Fashion Design, Surface Design for Fabric, Mongolian Cashmere Products, Sustainability, Applied Textile,Mongolian Costume, Credits Exchange, Design Competition, Internship, Senior Fashion Show.

  2. Projects Presentation: Draping, Pattern-drafting, Fit Analysis, Construction Techniques.


  3. Collection Development: Free Drawing, Digital Design, Adobe, Clo3d, Fashion Portfolio. 

  4. Fashion Business: Fashion Marketing, Merchandising, Brand Management.

Contact us:

D Building, 3rd floor


Meet our Faculties

Ashley Kim

Department Chair

Joeun Lee

Senior Lecturer

Hyun Jung Kim

Senior Lecturer

Lida Borkhuu


battuul tserenchimed




anujin enkhbold


  • Students will have different opportunities to participate in different fashion events to gain exposure to the fashion industries such as 
  • Organizing their own fashion show and exhibition every semester 
  • Internships with different fashion companies 
  • Participation in social and career program 
  • Participation in an international fashion design competition
  • Fashion Designer 
  • Fashion Brand Manager
  • Merchandiser
  • Marketer
  • Fashion journalist
  • Fashion illustrator


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