The MIU Library on the 1st Floor Main building which maintains a collection of millions of books and scholarly journals in support of academic activities of the university. The aim of  our university’s library is to organize service that it not only collects, manages, preserves archives books and other forms of material but also provide this collection of information, which is to be the result of human academic achievement, and research efforts, to faculty and students efficiently and accurately. The mission of out library is to be implemented with the provision of available collections in various formats such as academic, research journal, full-text databases, e-journals to support research and academic activities of the University. To achieve its mission to serve as the heart of the university, MIU is continuing to put in efforts to support the research functions and to provide academic with efficiency and effectiveness.


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Includes information about the library, such as library catalogue, opening hours, book loan policy, library’s contact details, etc.

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eBook Academic Collection – over 160,000 e-books


MIU thesis, dissertation, publication, textbook, and diploma project


Lists the databases the library subscribes to. The library currently subscribes to EBSCOhost, Sage Journals, SPIE digital library, Annual Reviews and Royal Society, etc.

Opening Hours

Fall & Spring Semesters

Summer & Winter Terms









  Closed on Sundays and Holidays

Book Loan Policy



Loan Limit

Loan Duration


Loan Limit

Loan Duration


7 books

3 weeks


3 books

10 days


3 books

2 weeks


2 books

5 days


3 books

7 days

  • Assessment Fines

There is a four-day grace period. On the fifth day the charge will be 500₮.

5 – 20 days overdue: 500₮/day/each book.

21 days overdue: 25,000₮/day charge, plus a replacement cost (100,000₮).


  • Copy Center
    • Scanner: Available for student use in the copy room.
    • Printer: Available for student use in the copy room.
    • Audio-Visual Resources: Available for all students.
  • Media Room
    • Computers equipped with high-speed internet access are available for student.


  • We are member of the Mongolian Libraries Consortium since 2017.
  • MIU students can use the library resources and services.
  • Library Card: The student ID card serves as a library card. Students must present their student ID card for all loan and return transactions of library material.

Contact us

Mongolia International University PO Box 252, Post Office No.51 

13th Khoroo, Bayanzurkh District Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 

Library Classification

  • Books in Open Stacks are available for loan as per the rules specified in the book loan policy.
    • About 15,000 volume of books are shelved in stacks.
    • Philosophy(100), Religion(200), Social Science (300), Language(400), Pure Science(500), Applied science(600), Arts(700), Literature(800), History(900), General(000), series.
    • All materials are arranged by DDC (Dewy Decimal Classification system).
    • All material are operated in open shelves system.
    • Users must personally go to the bookshelves and find books after verifying the collection status through catalog stand in the reference room.
    • When you do not know the bibliographical information regarding the material, you may browse the shelves by call number.

Users may check materials out of the library with students ID out borrowing at Reference Room.

  • Only available to MIU student, faculty and staff
    • Study group consist of two or more persons
    • Rooms can be reserved for up to 3 hours by a group. Rooms are meant to be shared by as groups of /2-6/ people.
    • Users may not reserve a group study room for individual study
    • You have to leave a Group Study Room if there is a reservation on that time
  • Materials compiled for available access, extracted from various information sources in catalogue method, and organized by subjects, types of materials and publication period, etc. to find specific information, knowledge, or fragmentary facts.
  • Reference Room and Stacks have collections of up to 15,000 volumes of reference materials.
  • Type of reference materials : Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Year books, Handbooks, Biographic, Subject Dictionaries, Summary Reports, Statistical Reports
  • The facility is established and operated to visual and auditory education for students.
  • The type of collections are Movie and lecture, academic, music and language.
  • User must personally go to request items to librarian after verifying the current status of the material.
  • Materials can only be used within the library.
  • They are materials preserved after 2002 among MIU Library collection and contain material collected and managed by MIU University.
  • Our collection activities are oriented towards supporting the research needs of University of MIU staff and students, but as part of this goal we also aim to preserve records of historical significance to the wider community.
  • For preservation and management of the original, bibliographical introduction has been produced.