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Department of Media & Communication


The Department of Media and Communication at Mongolia International University was founded with the mission of educating students as ethical, critical, and innovative leaders in the fields of media and communication in Mongolia, Central Asia, and the world. We also aim to develop students’ potential so that they can serve as a leading force in the fields both nationally and globally


To provide a curriculum that can equip students with internationally practiced and globally developing knowledge in the field of media and communication 

To offer experiences and practices that can cultivate students’ ability to become both critical media consumers and creative producers of media content. 

To offer training to help students become versatile professionals who can meet the social demand for new technology and information in the field of media and communication 

To provide a digital multimedia learning environment that can enhance students’ media literacy 

To develop students’ teamwork skills and cooperative social minds

Admission Requirements

All applicants must have completed or be expected to complete high school, secondary education, or an equivalent education prior to their enrollment. All applicants must give an entrance exam as part of the admission process. 

The Entrance Exam consists of three sections: Grammar & Vocabulary, Essay. Applicants of Media and Communication department must give skill test. Skill test consists of essay writing on relevant topic. 

70% Entrance Exam (20% Grammar / Essay 40% / Speaking 40%) 

30% Statement of Purpose & Recommendation Letter

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Office Location: D building

Meet our Faculties

Jericho Burg

Associate Professor, Program Manager

Eunsun Cho

Associate Professor

Chong Su Kim

Assistant Professor

Batsugar Z.


Welcoming Message

Jericho Burg (Ph.D)

Associate Professor, Media and Communication Department, MIU (2018-now) 

Program Manager, Media and Communication Program, School of International Studies and Communication, MIU (2021-)

 Ph.D. in Communication, University of California, San Diego, 2008

 From the moment I first arrived at MIU in late August, 2018, I knew it was a very special place. The sense of community, the welcoming environment, and the relationships I have developed with our students make it unlike any American or international university I’ve experienced. The level of care for individual students is unparalleled, and the university environment provides unique opportunities for personal and professional development for faculty and students alike. MIU enables academic achievement with personal growth in a way that produces graduates well equipped for both international careers and advanced study. The Media and Communication program in particular combines relevant coursework with international exposure to prepare students for a variety of fields, from journalism to marketing to social media production. MC students study important aspects of their field in a curriculum based on international standards. They also have hands-on, experiential learning opportunities through a series of practical courses and internships with local and international news organizations. I’m proud to be part of the MIU faculty and help our students learn, thrive, and succeed.

Digital Video Storytelling

 Media Writing 


Introduction to Broadcasting

 Online Journalism 

Editing Methodology 

Global Media and Culture 

Global Advertising and PR 

Digital Media Strategy for Advertising/PR 

PR Strategy


Mongolian NTV, MN25, NTV, EDU TV, TV2, Bloomberg Mongolia TVs and Global Internship for foreign students in their countries


Radio/TV Producers 


Media Marketing/Advertising/PR Persons


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