The 8th International Integrated Conference & Concert on Convergence (IICCC2022) in conjunction with ICOOC 2022 and ICCPND 2022

The experts and professors from International Universities attended the 8 th International
Integrated Conference and Concert on Convergence, which took place on 22 July 2022 at
Mongolia International University. Under the theme “Various aspects of advances in intelligent
convergence technologies”, the event demonstrated the importance of implementation and future
prospects of smart convergence technologies.
The IICCC2022 was co-organized by The International Promotion Agency of Culture
Technology (IPACT), The Institute of Internet, Broadcasting and Communication (IIBC), The
Society of Convergence Knowledge, Forest of Knowledge (, and Mongolian
International University.
Hundreds of attendees, paper presenters, keynote, and tutorial participants have benefited in
many ways from this conference. More than 100 scientific papers and works were presented. The
Keynote Speaker addressed the audience and shared knowledge of the current application of
convergence technologies in Mongolia.
The introduced scientific papers are published in the following Journals
● JIIBC ( The Journal of The Institute of Internet, Broadcasting and
● IJIBC ( International Journal of Internet, Broadcasting and
● IJASC ( International Journal of Advanced Smart Convergence
● IJACT ( International Journal of Advanced Culture Technology
● JCCT ( The Journal of the Convergence on Culture Technology

Conference Scope
IICCC2022 topics include, but are not limited to, the following research and development
areas/fields classified into 10 sessions:
● Telecommunication Information Technology (TIT)
● Human-Machine Interaction Technology (HIT)
● Nano Information Technology (NIT)
● Culture Information Technology (CIT)
● Bio and Medical Information Technology (BIT)
● Environmental Information Technology (EIT)
● Electrical Facilities Technology & Electrical Safety (EFT)
● Safety Technology (ST)

● Culture Convergence (CC)
● Technology Convergence (TC)

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20th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service

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Student’s accomplishment

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