The National English Competition organized by the Mongolian University of Science and Technology was held on March 14th – March 18th. It involved every university’s English department in UB. 

A freshman student Ariungerel Munkhjargal of English Education participated in the competition and placed 2nd. 

The competition was organized with three phases. 

Phase 1. Exam on reading, writing, speaking, listening in English. 

Phase 2. Speech in a given topic 

Phase 3. (technology-related) Oral and written translation from English to Mongolia, from Mongolia to English

She passed all 3 phases and placed 2nd with her total score. 

“English speaking contest” was held on March 18, 2022 by “Hangai University”. Total 19 participants from 10 universities participated the competition successfully.

A freshman student Urikhan Purevjav of Computer Science department participate successfully and received the 1st place among all the other participants.

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